CELLONIC®: branded products through innovation
Connecting your original devices is easy with the CELLONIC® range of smartphone adapters, power adapters, USB hubs and multi-adapters. Every CELLONIC® adapter meets the highest standards in terms of design and innovation. To achieve this, we focus on international trends in order to continuously develop our range of adapters.


Every CELLONIC® adapter meets the highest standards in terms of design and innovation”


CELLONIC® has the goal of providing consumers with a selection of smart options for connectivity to facilitate the use of mobile technology, thereby making it more efficient. To achieve this, CELLONIC® evaluates customer feedback and the different experiences are then integrated into the development process, which is how CELLONIC® is able to produce the best, safest and most compatible adapters. Our experienced production partners around the world also ensure this is the case.


Smart options for connectivity that make mobile technology more efficient”


Adapters from CELLONIC® – powerful and 100% compatible
Whether you need an iPhone adapter for a domestic socket or a USB hub with multiple connections, CELLONIC® has smart adapter solutions to meet your every need. Perhaps you want to connect your monitor to an MFI-certified device or are looking for the most compatible USB connection to connect your television with your smartphone? Adapters from CELLONIC® will impress you with their ability to perform to the highest standards as well as with their extensive compatibility.


Smart adapter solutions for every need”


USB C and Lightning Port adapters allow users to charge their devices while syncing data at the same time. The full range of products also includes: USB 2.0 and 3.0 hubs, hubs with a power supply for connecting high-powered devices as well as classic USB-C to micro USB adapters and VGA to HDMI adapters. Smart adapter solutions from CELLONIC®, both with and without cable connections, focus entirely on your personal needs.


CELLONIC® – quality for your safety
Above all, CELLONIC® wants to produce adapters, distributors and interface solutions that are consistently high-quality. To deliver on this brand promise, the entire production process undergoes strict quality and security checks. The motto we apply here is global flexibility and German quality standards. That’s why CELLONIC follows the specific principle of “Quality designed in Germany”.


The motto: global flexibility based on German quality standards”


The success of CELLONIC® is based on constant availability
It’s easy and convenient to order charging adapters, power adapters, USB adapters and hubs from CELLONIC® via our numerous sales partners throughout Europe. This is down to our professional stock planning as well as long-standing working relationships with our partners. To allow you, the CELLONIC® customer, to benefit from the latest connectivity options, we ship all adapters offered using the fastest transport routes around the clock, no matter where you live.


Cost-effective performance you can trust
We use select production processes and high-quality workmanship to make our adapters. All materials used in this professional process always undergo a thorough examination. This means your powerful and robust CELLONIC® adapters will have a long lifespan. Since we don’t skimp on the essentials, you’ll only receive quality CELLONIC® goods that are in the middle to upper price range. Compared to the rest, CELLONIC® adapters are the best choice!