CELLONIC® – innovation and design working together in harmony
As a manufacturer of powerbanks, CELLONIC® specialises in developing innovative products with appealing designs. When it comes to our powerbanks and external batteries, this means creating a timeless look that works in harmony with the most up-to-date materials that we use.


Innovative products with appealing designs”


Battery packs and USB batteries from CELLONIC® enjoy a high recognition factor. They’re designed in the vibrant metropolis of Berlin and are based on global trends when it comes to security and mobile technology. Also, we carefully evaluate all customer feedback. The result is powerbanks that meet both your expectations and our own high standards.


CELLONIC® Powerbanks: high-quality and versatile products
If you choose a CELLONIC® powerbank, you’re choosing the ideal companion for your mobile device. Whether for a smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker or action camera, external batteries from CELLONIC® give you the power of multiple charging cycles at any given time. In addition to the particular quality of, CELLONIC® powerbanks, the following features are paramount: the right capacity, minimal self-discharging and solid workmanship when it comes to a robust outer casing.


External batteries from CELLONIC® give you the power of multiple charging cycles at any given time”


The CELLONIC® powerbank range comprises portable batteries with a simple USB connection to external chargers with multiple USB ports, models with a built-in USB C cable and lightning adapters. An MFI-certified charging adapter will charge your iPhone, iPad and more if you don’t have an original cable. In addition, CELLONIC® has power banks with a slim design. The ultra-slim battery pack fits perfectly under your smartphone, allowing you to carry both in your trouser pocket to save space.


Quality and safety made by CELLONIC®
CELLONIC® offers “Quality designed in Germany”. Working alongside our production partners, we pay attention to the strictest German quality control standards and use independent, licensed agencies to carry out our checks. We meticulously check our potential partners before awarding a contract. As a result, CELLONIC® powerbanks meet the highest standards. They’re always ready to use, even in cold weather. Thanks to their superbly-finished outer casing, CELLONIC® powerbanks look and feel expensive. It’s important not to forget that every CELLONIC® powerbank has certified safety protection against short circuits, overcharging, overheating and excess voltage.


 Thanks to their superbly-finished outer casing, CELLONIC® powerbanks look and feel expensive”


Constant availability: the basis of our success
For CELLONIC®, quality is as important as ensuring our reliable and resilient distribution channels. We operate right across Europe and you can order CELLONIC® powerbanks around the clock in online shops as well as from our sales partners. Efficient transport logistics and well thought-out stock planning ensure that external rechargeable batteries and USB chargers from CELLONIC® are always available. No matter where you are when you order, our CELLONIC® powerbanks are delivered to you using the shortest and fastest transport route.
The same is true, obviously, for our expanding range of batteries, chargers, tempered glass, data and charging cables, adapters and other innovations.


A good price for excellent performance
With CELLONIC®, not only do you benefit from excellent brand quality and fast delivery but we also pay attention to our pricing to make sure that our offerings are always tailored to meet the needs of our customers. The high performance and long service life of CELLONIC® powerbanks offer real added value. Therefore, we base our prices in the middle-to-upper range because we want to offer you the highest quality at a reasonable price-performance ratio.